Issue #001: Copywriting Treasure Trove

Welcome to the maiden voyage issue of Bootstrapped Branding!

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The aim here is to help early-stage entrepreneurs build powerful brands. Even when you don’t have a big budget or powerful connections.

So without further ado, let’s get it…

Copywriting Treasure Trove

We’ve all got to pay way more attention to copywriting.

I’ve painstakingly honed the words in this email. And maybe it’s decent but I’m looking forward to getting way better. Eventually.

Copy is the bedrock of an all-time great brand. Voice and tone come through to help define who you are.

And the best part?

Until you have the for a pro copywriter, you can do this yourself.

You don’t need to study every copywriting tome ever created. You need some solid go-to guides and swipe files.

Here are my favorite resources: Copywriting Treasure Trove

Killer Threads

I bookmark lots of online discussions. The stipulations: all killer/no filler, and be branding-oriented.

This thread via Amanda Goetz’s feed is like a swipe file of packaging inspo.

Brands to cop

I love what DTC lawn care brand Sunday is doing. Aside from deriving real value from big data, their voice and their mission are on-point.

Peep this Mission page. It’s focused, concise, and there’s no mistaking what the Sunday’s timeless impact will be.

Audio file

I’ve been listening to @mattladydigital’s “Building a DTC Brand” Podcast. If you’re early on the DTC game, this is a must-listen. It’s vulnerable, down-to-earth, and practical. It will help you find your way and help you feel OK about not knowing everything because hell, no one does.

Here are the links