Issue #002: Your role in the brand story

You are not the hero. I repeat. You are not the hero.

Brands love storytelling but very few are good at it.

Biggest mistake? Making themselves the hero.

Your customer is the hero.

“What the hell am I? Chopped liver?”, you shout.Maybe.

Back to the topic at hand. Instead of being the hero, you are the guide.

Good stories send the hero on a journey. At some point our hero must undergo a significant transformation.

The guide is critical to making those moments possible.

The big question is, what kind of guide are you?

I can think of 3 guide archetypes:

    • Fairy Godmother
    • Mr. Miyagi
    • Yoda

Click here, let’s figure out what kind of guide fits your brand best.

Killer Threads

I’ve been following this dude Max Blessen on Twitter. He’s runs a really interesting brand called Joy Milk Tea and he’s a very smart cat.

This thread breaks down his new (drool-worthy) packaging design into best practices we should all take to heart. CPG operators take note.


Brands to Cop

I’ve long been drawn to Liquid Death’s brand. They just do everything differently. Every. Single. Thing.

The packaged water category typically uses themes like nature, purity, and vitality. Liquid Death is off-pattern across the board and thus, sticks out.

I’ll write more about this brand — it deserves a whole article.


Audio File

I’m a big fan of Jasmine Bina over at Concept Bureau. Her podcast, Unseen Unknown, proves that there’s levels to this game. Really smart stuff.

This episode discusses how our values are changing, and how brands reflect those changes.

Here are the links



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