Issue #004: How to stand out

The first step to standing out.

As a bootstrapped brander you need to make an impression. To get attention.

To stand out.

Let’s talk about how to do just that.

Categories become cliches of themselves.

t’s a matter of time.

They copy each other’s features. They play in the same prices ranges. They seek out the same distribution and marketing mechanisms.

Incumbents create patterns that, in turn, create the norms for brands in the given category.

This is referred to as convergence.

And the laws of physics, rationale, and logic tell us the opposite of that must be divergence.

This presents a distinct opportunity for bootstrapped brands.

To get attention, you can position yourself not against competition, but against the category itself.

Here ‘s the first step to standing out.

Killer Threads

Great observations from Cody Wittick on how Gymshark built real relationships and solidified their place in the activewear echelon..

Cody also layers in his expertise on influencer marketing, a subject on which he’s a true killer. Insight-packed and a quick read.

Brands to cop

Have you heard of the The Woks of Life? Can’t get enough of it. It’s a food and cooking blog run by a Chinese-American family. That’s right. Mom, Dad, and the daughters.

Food blogs have been around a while. There’s a million of them. And if we’re being frank their vibe has become derivative (see convergence above).

But TWoL is so different.

The story, the authorship, the recipes, the overall approach. It’s both authentic and modern simultaneously. It’s such a fresh breath of air in online cooking media. Check it out and make some Kung Pao this weekend.

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