Issue #006: Crucial Links

Hey all,

First off, apologies on being a couple of days late. The holidays did a number on my usual schedule. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Because of that, and a couple of other projects I can’t wait to share with you, we’re doing something a bit different this time.

We’re keeping this issue short, sweet, and packed with killer links.

Let’s go!

Predicting a brand’s success: signals to look for
By: Ana Andjelic

This article is like a checklist for the big pillars of great brand-building.

If you’re like me, you question if you’re making the right moves. This piece helps by distilling the hallmarks of truly successful brands.

This one quote really stuck with me:

“Brands that are in dialogue with other brands, art and culture, influencers, communities and social institutions are able to communicate their values in the cultural language.”

Read the article on Ana’s Medium

Earn influencer attention through the unboxing experience

For my ecommerce folks out there, this one is pure gold.

The always-on Cody Wittick details how you can win at the process of seeding – sending free product to influencers in order to start building a relationship.

This thread has in-depth explanations on exactly what to do, how to do it, and even features images of Cody’s past work for inspiration.

Check it out here

Brands to cop

Every so often I come across a visual brand that staggers me due to how good it is. The kind that conjures up a bit of envy in me.

DOEN is one of those brands.

Started by sisters who left the corporate fashion world, DOEN epitomizes the sun-drenched, 70s-ish, Southern California zeitgeist. But it also evolves into the world of grown-up women.

The photography, the styling, the typography. Each component just makes sense and pulls you into the DOEN world.

See the website here

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